Guiding principles to our employees

"To build and cultivate dynamic work environment that recognizes individual contribution and fosters team spirit."

GEMS has designed its compensation package to be competitive and to persuade long-term retention of the employees. The compensation package of the employees has both the fixed and variable element in it. The variable elements of the compensation are normally based on either individual or team performance. Performances are reviewed incessantly and the salaries are increased based upon individual performances and market standards. GEMS offers a complete benefits program tailored to meet up with employee requirements and is normally based on the standards at specific locations.

Employee Benefits

GEMS full-time employees are eligible for our group benefits package. The benefits include:

Medical insurance
Dental insurance
Life insurance
Employee education reimbursement
Employee self-development plans
Fully paid overtime over 40 hrs/week
Employee referral bonuses
Employee new business incentives
Performance and salary reviews every 6 months
Relocation expense reimbursement
Travel, air-fare and mileage expense reimbursement
Paid vacations
Paid holidays
Paid sick leave
Workers compensation
Employee end of year bonuses
U.S. 111 sponsorship
U.S. green-card sponsorship

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