Gems Inc is uniquely qualified to work with clients in a broad range of industries, including those in the public sector, energy, utilities and chemicals, financial services, manufacturing, retail and distribution, telecommunications, media and entertainment and high tech. We provide clients in these industries with the best practices in Management and IT Consulting, backed by a world-class team of top-notch talent, superior technologies and superb client service. We can help your business streamline its operations, increase efficiencies, reduce costs and maximize the return on your investments to help you compete effectively and efficiently in the marketplace.

Aerospace & Defense

We work with aerospace and defense companies to help them take advantage of global supply channels, improve automation, master just-in-time production and adopt new information management strategies to make them more competitive in a world market.


Gems Inc draws on a wide base of knowledge to help automotive companies develop smart growth strategies, improve profitability and increase shareholder value through close collaboration while bringing best practices to bear to help them achieve results quickly.

Consumer Products

Faced with rising costs, increased competitive pressures and slower market growth, Gems Inc helps consumer products businesses adopt next-generation concepts to become more competitive while keeping a tight rein on overhead and expenses.

Distribution & Transportation

Distribution channels and transportation networks are experiencing a lot of industry change these days. Gems helps these companies lead the way in adopting new technologies, efficiencies and management techniques to more effectively manage their operations, saving money while increasing revenue in the process.

Energy, Utilities & Chemicals

Perhaps no industry is going through greater change than energy, utilities and chemicals. Gems works with these clients to identify new markets, including green technologies, adopt new energy development and management concepts and stay a step ahead of global competitors.

Financial Services

Financial services are undergoing profound changes, especially in a world economy affected by a significant recession. Gems can help these businesses seize new opportunities as they arise, from adopting new technologies to reinventing management to move the organization to the next level of success.

High Tech

Drawing on our extensive experience in high tech, we can help you respond quickly and intelligently to changing conditions in the market and evolving customer demands. We can provide you with the latest tools and talent to take advantage of new opportunities without increasing overhead.

Life Sciences

We’ve worked with some of the leaders in the life sciences field and can bring our experiences and knowledgebase to your organization to help you address critical business issues and meet competitive situations head on.


Gems works with manufacturers to revamp and update their operations from top to bottom to help them compete more effectively with competitors that may be located half a world away and make the most of tight credit markets, changing regulations and new technologies.

Public Sector

Governments and other public agencies have to redefine their operations, update their aging systems and adopt new strategies to meet the demand of their constituents. Gems has an experienced team that can help your department or agency improve its operations while keeping costs under control.


Changing customer demands, new sales strategies and cutting edge innovations such as RFID promise to change the face of retail. Gems works closely with you to identify new opportunities that will help you become more efficient, more profitable and more competitive in the market.

Telecom, Media and Entertainment

Perhaps no other industry has experienced as much transformation as telecom, media and entertainment. We work with our clients to take advantage of the confluence of these industries so they have the tools and technologies required to bring new products to market, develop new services and create a culture of innovation in wireless, cable, broadcast, content management, Internet services, publishing and entertainment.

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