Sun/MicroSoft Technologies

As in other Software Development teams at Numeric, our Java and .net technology team is manned by highly skilled, updated work force. Apart from a specialized University education, the bench mark is excellent communication skills and a thorough understanding of modern business processes, a highly analytical thought process and certification from the Technology leaders like, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, etc.

Working with our clients since inception, the consultants have acquired core competency and wide ranging experience with a multitude of Java and Microsoft Technologies, developing highly valued and cost effective solutions on challenging projects.

We have gained industry specific experience, addressed client needs and requirements and added to the reputation of Numeric as a company that delivers what it promises and is good at.

Our Business Analysts, Architects and Developers are trained to make sure that the end product presented to the Client is always what they had been made aware of. The team never loses track of its vision, which, to begin with, was arrived at after core consultations with the Business Process managers of the Client. Technologies and techniques like CASE Tools, Structured Programming, the concept of Unified processes etc. heavily mastered by the consultants are put to good use towards that end.

After a thorough analysis of the various strategies available during Software Development Planning, the team decides on the best strategy for the scenario: the strategy which bestows the best functionality, maneuverability at a later stage, the lowest cost and fulfilling the original conditions and needs. Designing the product which does not lose its reliability with later day alterations or added functionalities (according to varying business needs) is one characteristic of the eventual product we never lose sight of.

Several successful completions of huge projects for different Clients centered in various domains within the projected cost, the promised functionality and reliability, the scope for add-ons at a later stage have been our achievements over these last few years.

Client/Server Development

.NET, Power Builder, C++, Java
Architecture multi-tier solutions
Database Administration.
Data modeling, Data Warehousing & Data Mining.
DB2, Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server


E-Commerce Business-to-Business & business –to-Consumer applications
Ability to define, design, develop, deliver, deploy and maintain solutions within schedule and optimal cost.
Web-Extension of existing legacy and client/server applications
Intranet applications to enable internal business communication
Collaborative Computing applications deploying document management, workflow
EDI system migrations to applications

Packaged Solutions (ERP: SAP, JDE, Oracle, PS)

Data Conversion & Migration
Reporting & Interfaces
Quality Assurance
Version Upgrade
Scope Gap Reconfiguration
Remote Application Support

Basis Services

Authorization & Security
Archiving & Disaster Recovery

ERP Extensions

Data warehousing using SAP BW
Business Workflows

Systems Integration

Legacy system integration

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